The art and design of Will to Power

The game cards of Will to Power are intended to create the impression of a traditional "crazy wall" covered in newspaper articles, scrawled notes, photographs, pages torn from books, and sketches. To achieve that, I recruited some terrific artists and designers to give Will to Power that special marginally sane homemade/found object feel.  


On the Crazy Wall

Much of the art for Will to Power will be actual found objects in the form of public domain art and photography, but a "crazy wall" isn't complete without at least a few sketches. Turns out our imaginary conspiracy theorist is a pretty great artist! The card art sketches above were created by the inestimable Yannick de la Pêche. Check out his website he does terrific stuff.

Card Design

Following in the general  crazy wall/found object spirit, the game cards were designed designed by Vartan Petrosyan to look like Post-It notes, newspaper clippings, note cards, and other crazy wall ephemera. I look forward to updating this page with the designs in the next couple weeks.