Has the United Nations thwarted your plan to use vaccinations to weaken the beaverwoods elementary pta?

Have you destroyed Majestic 12 with a Crypto-Kenyan Sleeper Agent?

Have you activated MK ULTRA to undermine the RAND Corporation's support for the Anti-Christ, only to discover that Big Pharma and NATO are secretly the pawns of a clockwork chess player who extrapolated the entire past, present and future from a dropped rook?

Did you know the Child of Tunguska is a magic bear? 

In other words, have you played Will to Power: the weirdly fun "game" of deceit, bewilderment, and betrayal?



Build vast conspiracies. Weave convoluted schemes to distract from even more convoluted schemes. Remake and/or destroy the world. Betray your friends. Seduce your enemies. Simmer in paranoia and doubt. Question if the game ever really ends. Love every minute of it.

Want to play? Don't worry--you already are.

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Tragic Missives

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